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Egg vibrators are incredibly versatile sex toys and are often recommended for first-time vibrator buyers. But even though they’ve been on the scene for a while, they’re not often given the (g)spotlight (get it?!) they deserve. 

From intensifying foreplay, (love eggs are literally the masters of oral sex) spicing up intercourse, or simply getting off on your own, egg vibrators can be your pocket-sized best friends. So, whether you’re ready to set off on your sexual self-discovery journey, or you’re a seasoned love egg user and want to get your orgasm on, you’ll want to have these mind-blowing vibrators on your radar.

First up is the Womanvibe Vibrating Egg. Silky to touch, it has a powerful new generation motor that can vibrate up to 12000rpm. (OK wow.) With 12 different wave and pulse vibration patterns, chances are, you’ll be spending lots of your spare time getting to know your new little pleasure pleaser. And its remote control can even be operated from up to 20 meters away. So, if you want to experiment and explore your individual tastes or you want your partner to join in the fun and control the vibrations, you may have just found your new best friend with benefits. 

Egg vibrators are really good at providing concentrated stimulation, and not just to the classic vagina and clit zones. They can also induce erotic sensations in other erogenous areas, like the nipple, the perineo or the bum. This means there are literally countless ways to love your love egg, and endless sexual discoveries you can make. What’s not to love?

The Rewolution Vibrating Egg with Remote Control is a toy that will definitely play a part in finding new ways to get to know yourself. Want to know why? Because you can take it in the bath with you. 

Let’s face it, baths have always been romantic and they always will be. That’s because there’s nothing more intimate than being naked with your partner, submerged in warm, bubbly, fragrant water. But wait for it - when you introduce your egg into the equation, the underwater vibrations can provide you with sensations that will literally fill you in waves. 

Let your partner navigate your orgasms with the remote control, or take charge of your own pleasure and be present in your own erotic moment. Whichever you choose, the 10 different vibration settings (with choices ranging from tender to intense) will allow you to stimulate your pleasure points with ease. Suitable for internal and external use, once charged, it can give you 90 minutes of pure magic. Oh, and it’s also vegan.

Shared or solo, whichever model you choose, get ready to feel pretty amazing. Whether you’re taking it slow and finding out what you like, or you’re ready to jump straight in and experience the most powerful, explosive sensations, your love egg has got your back