How to Have an Anal Orgasm

Anal Orgasm

When it comes to sexual orgasm, many people think of crossing edges in peach play. A considerable percentage of people don't believe in anal orgasm at all, while others don't even know that they can tickle their nerves by exploring the butts.

Worse still, some interested parties fear that anal penetration might interfere with their walking and bowel movements.

However, the truth is that anal orgasms exist. And it may take any form, including touching, licking, and penetration, among others. Contrary to what many people believe, anal orgasm is equally or even more satisfying than peach play if done in the right manner. Additionally, anal penetration is not even painful.

If you still doubt the idea of anal climax, here are some expert insights to take you through what it entails and how to achieve it.

What Is An Anal Orgasm?

An anal orgasm is a climax that results from stimulation of the nerves found in the inner wall and outside the anus.  The stimulation of the anus may include licking, caressing, fingering, and penetration, among others. 

Contrary to thoughts of many, anal orgasm is not for men only but any adult with touchy butts and is willing to unveil the treasures in the backdoors.

However, anal stimulation happens differently depending on whether the receiving partner is a male or female.  In cisgender men, the anal orgasm results from the stimulation of the prostate (P-spot). 

You can stimulate the P- through anal penetration or by making pleasurable touches to the perineum, an erogenous skin lining between the anus and the balls.

In cisgender females, anal orgasm results from indirect stimulation of the anterior fornix (A-Spot), which boasts of high concentration of erotically charged nerve endings.  It is located five to six inches deep inside the vagina, between the cervix and the bladder. Female orgasms may also result from the indirect stimulation of the G-spot.  

Anal penetration in cisgender females stimulates the clitoris through the erogenous pudendal nerve, connecting the anus to the clitoris.

According to anecdotal reports, there is no pain involved during anal penetration.  The entire orgasm process is Ah-mazing, despite the minor discomfort you may experience as you get used to being penetrated in backdoors. 

Like vaginal penetration, this discomfort is common during the first penetration, but sex experts say that the discomfort is nothing compared to the resulting nerve-tingling orgasms in both peach and anal plays.

How to Prepare For Anal Orgasm

Peach play is usually pleasurable for both newbies and experts. But, when it comes to the game of the butts, a newbie might need special preparation to make a good receiver and get to the climax.

The preparation techniques below will help you prepare for the anal game, regardless of whether you have a partner or not.

Engage In Something Erotic

Indulge in plays or activities that turn you on for the game. For instance, you can watch porn, listen to a sexy track or an erotic story, or close your eyes and fantasize about the game. The other forms of foreplays that can help relax your butt muscles include:

Taking a Hot Bath

According to experts, taking hot baths can help you increase the blood flow to all your bits for quick arousal. Sex experts also claim that a hot bath helps loosen the tight anal muscles for a better orgasm experience.

Clitoral Orgasms

If you are a female receiving partner, clitoral orgasms can further help to loosen the tight sphincter muscles and enhance the chances of anal orgasm. This is facilitated by the erogenous pudendal nerve that connects the anus with the clitoris.

The idea behind the above preparations is to relax your sensitive anal sphincter muscles for a comfortable butt penetration. Remember, the more turned on you are, the easier it will be for your partner to penetrate your anus, and the more pleasurable the play will be.

Practice the Anal Penetration

It would help to accustom your anus to the new sensation of penetration before the actual play. One way of doing this is to apply lube to your smallest figure and then insert it gently into your anus.

Then, let the figure rest inside your anus for a few moments before removing it to allow the anus to become accustomed to the new sensation. Repeat the process using a larger figure or sex toys like the Anal Plug 3 Areas Black.

It may take you some time to get comfortable with anal penetration. So you should be patient with the training.

Experiment with Sex Toys

Practicing sex toys will help you monitor how your anal muscles adapt to anal penetration. It will also help you master the different stimulation spots and how it feels when your anal nerve endings are stimulated.

Examples of the anal toys you can use to practice penetration include prostate massagers, anal dildos, and anal beads.

When looking for anal sex toys in the market, always go for options with a handle, loop, or flared base. Otherwise, you risk having the toy slip into your rectum during your highs. You can imagine how disturbing that can be. Ouch!

Experiment With Your Partner

After practicing the butt game on your own, you can move a step further to experiment with the gameplay with a partner. If you are the receiving partner, make sure that your giving partner has well-trimmed nails, and put on the necessary gear like the dental dam, condom, and gloves to ensure your safety, should they find themselves using combo techniques.

At this stage, you can practice external forms of anal stimulation like licking, caressing, and kissing the butt and its hood to relax the anal muscles fully. It is also high time to try the first anal penetration with a partner.

Anal Orgasm Techniques to Try

The first time you indulge in anal play with a partner, you will most likely have to use trial and error techniques to find the one that will leave both of you orgasm plentiful. Below are various techniques you can try out, whether using your fingers, tongue, anal sex toys, penis, or a blend of several techniques. 

With Fingers

Your fingers can do wonders when it comes to anal orgasms. Examples of anal stimulations techniques that you can execute with your fingers include:

Come Hither Motion

If you are the giving partner, lube your finger with high-quality lubricating oil and insert it into your partner's anus. Then, move your finger towards the belly button in a 'come hither motion' until you hit the spot with the highest concentration of nerve endings or highest sexual pleasure. 

The receiving partner should help you locate the spot.

After locating the spot, you can gradually increase the speed and depth until you find a combination that leaves your partner wailing with pleasure.

Doorbell Technique

With your finger, locate a spot that makes your partner go 'ooooh….aaaah' and then press the spot gently with your finger pad as if you are pressing a doorbell. Move your finger pad gently above the spot while adding more pressure until you achieve the optimal combination of pressure and speed.

Circling Motion

With a well-lubed finger, move your finger pad in a circular motion inside the anus until you reach the A-spot in your female partner. If the receiving partner has a penis, you can hit the P-Spot by applying pleasurable moves and pressure on the erogenous perineum or through direct anal penetration to the prostate.

Increase the motion and the pressure gradually until you hit the magic combo. Again, the receiving partner should help you achieve this. Do not get surprised if your partner farts during the extreme oohs and aahs, as their whole being might have erotically indulged into the pleasurable butt game. 

With Your Tongue

You don't always have to use your finger pads to make the receiving partner jerk with pleasure. Your tongue can do the magic too. While the tongue cannot penetrate the anus to hit the P and A spots, you can use it to stimulate the cheeks, the anal opening, and the other perianal areas.

You can achieve this by swirling your tongue for one minute or more around the anus, then lip around the anal opening with the tip of your tongue.

Also, darting the tip of your tongue slightly inside and outside the anal opening might create a more pleasurable experience.

With A Penis

The penis is the perfect candidate for hitting the A-spot or the P-spot through penetration. This is because, unlike the sex toys, the giving partner can respond effectively to directions from the receiving partner.

Additionally, the penis allows you to experiment with depth to find the spots that leave the receiving partner's mouth wide open. While the receiving partner could help you locate the spots, you should take things slow unless your partner insists on shaky moves.

Once you find the sweet spot, you can gradually increase the speed and pressure until you receive an ok from the receiving partner.

Before you indulge in the game, make sure you have stocked enough lube for lubricating the anus as it doesn't self-lubricate as the vagina does.

With Sex Toys

One good thing about sex toys is that they facilitate anal penetration between two cisgender female partners. They also make up for the occasion when the receiving partner is up for the game and the male giving partner is not in the mood of using his penis to hit the erotic spot(s).

The sex toys can facilitate anal climax through:


The market offers different sex toys with varied vibes and pulse settings. It is upon you to choose a sex toy that perfectly fits your needs and learn how to apply it effectively. That way, you will be able to try different techniques using the toy to see what works for you.

As the receiving partner, you should guide your giving partner on the hotspots so that they can up the vibration to take things over the edge when you near the climax.

Internal and External Penetration

Vibrators aside, you can use sex toys to stimulate the P or A spots by penetrating the backdoors. Amazingly, some penetration toys are specially made to do the double job of penetrating the anus while stimulating its hood, including the clitoris and the perineum.

Other toys will simultaneously perform double penetration (DP) of the anus and the vagina.

You can be sure to reach an anal climax within no time if you are using double-duty penetration toys. However, this does not invalidate the effectiveness of the single penetration tools.

Incorporating Other Body Stimulations Along Anal Orgasm

Though anal orgasm is your goal, incorporating it with other body orgasms could make the experience even better. Examples of the other body orgasms you can incorporate with the anal orgasm include:

Vaginal Stimulation

If you are the giver, you can spare the vagina some love by inserting your finger and practicing come hither motion in pursuit of the elusive G-spot. If you are working for anal orgasm on your own, you can use a double penetration sex toy to extend some love to your vagina.

Clitoral Stimulation

A full-length stroke of the penis in your anus might indeed send waves to your A-spot or P-spot, but making some pleasurable caresses on the clit might take your experience to another level. Remember, the roots of the clitoris extend to the anus and are connected to the pudendal nerve endings.

That means that stimulating the clit could aid in loosening the anal muscles for more comfortable penetration. Use your finger pad or a sex toy to move the clit upwards, downwards, and sideways. Do not forget to stimulate the erotic tissue connecting the clit to the lips. But most importantly, remember to keep the fire burning in the backdoors.

Other Erogenous Zones

If you never knew, true sexual pleasure comes not only from the stimulation of the cheeks and the hood and from the stimulation of other pleasurable zones in the body. Use your hands to explore the erogenous spots in the body to help your receiver reach the climax with ease.

The typical erogenous suspects to target include the breasts, scrotum, perineum, the neck, inner arms, back of the knees, and the small back. During the exploration, make the touches as tender as possible. Remember, a slight mistake can shift the receiving partner from the mood.

How to Do Anal: Anal Sex Positions

Like vaginal sex, there are unique positions that can help the receiving partner experience stronger and long-lasting orgasms. Examples of the anal sex positions to try include:

Facedown, Ass up Position

As the name suggests, the face down, ass up position involves laying your face on the floor and lifting your ass on your knees. The idea behind this position is to give your giving partner full access to the Anus and its hood.

At that position also, the giving partner can easily access the other erogenous parts of the body like the breasts, pudendal nerve, and back of the knee, among others.

To Do This On Yourself:

  • Lie with your face down
  • Reach the perineum and the Anus with your arm
  • Caress and penetrate the Anus at your pleasure

To Do It With Your Partner:

  • Lie down on your face with hands extending to the sides and set your legs apart
  • Have your giving partner sit comfortably by your side
  • Let them treat your Anus

Doggy Style

Named after the dog's famous mating style, the doggy style helps you efficiently access your ass and its hood. Like the facedown style above, the doggy style makes it easy for your giving partner to work on your anal orgasm. Contrary to what most newbies think, the style won't get you stuck during penetration. Lol!

The style is called doggy style because your posture during penetration resembles that of mating dogs. After all, neither you nor the sex toys have the Bulbis Glandis that makes dogs get stuck.

To Do It Yourself:

  • Lie down on all fours, and then use your hands to reach the Anus and the hood.
  • Massage and penetrate the Anus at your comfort

To do it with A Partner:

  • Get on all your fours
  • Allow your partner to show love to your Anus

Cow Style

Cow style can work best if you are a female receiving partner and your giving partner is the sucking type. It is also ideal for sole partners seeking anal orgasm using sex toys without a partner.

To Do It Your Own With a Sex Toy

  • Stabilize your sex toy, vibrator, or any other penetrative toy on a flat surface
  • Lower your butts gently so that they are hovering close to the toy
  • Lower your butts further and slowly insert the toy until you locate a spot and depth that feels comfortable to you.
  • Move it in come hither motion or any other technique you deem comfortable

To Do Cow Style With A Partner:

  • Let your giving partner lie down on their back
  • Straddle them, or their strategically positioned toy
  • Lower your butts to insert the penis or the toy into your Anus, and then use your hips and hands to regulate the depth

Other Essential Considerations

Below are various considerations worth your attention as far as anal sex is concerned.

The Anus Does Not Self-Lubricate

Though the Anus has various hotspots for orgasm, it's important to note that the Anus does not lubricate itself during sex. The Anus is located near the rectum, which only produces mucus during bowel movements and not sex.

That said, you should ensure that your giving partner applies a quality lube on their penis or sex toy to avoid causing abrasions on your anal lining. Water-based or silicone lube will give you a great experience if you are new to the game.

Anal Sex Can Expose You to Sexually Transmitted and Other Infections

While pregnancy is impossible, getting sexually transmitted diseases and other infections may be inevitable. This is more so if you do not observe safety measures of doing anal sex. To be on the safe side, always ensure that your giving partner uses a condom when penetrating the backdoor. 

Also, do not let them penetrate you when they have not applied a lube on their penis or sex toy. This will help prevent abrasions in your inner anal lining and reduce the chances of contracting diseases such as Chlamydia, HIV, gonorrhoea, and human papillomavirus responsible for causing cancer.

Moreover, do not let your partner shift from back to front without thorough cleaning or getting a fresh condom, as this may transfer deadly bacteria from your Anus to the vagina.

Final Words

If you have ever experienced orgasm during peach play, anal orgasm is equally as sweet. If you are curious about this pleasurable play and don’t have a partner, you can get started with a sex toy from a reputable seller.

Are you looking forward to explore more on sex? Follow our sex education blog for the latest sex news.